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Video Summary - December 2018 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary December 2018

This is brother Frank greeting you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany. May the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you and may the will of God be done in all our lives.

We look back to a tremendous weekend of meetings, believers came from all over Europe and from overseas and we shared the precious and holy Word of God, especially the promise for the day we are now living in. In regards to that, beloved brothers and sisters, I need to say a few things.

We are now in December 2018 and we look back very specially into December 1965 when brother Branham was taken to glory. On December 12, 1965, he had his last meeting together with brother Green in Tucson. On December 18 he left in the direction to Jeffersonville to preach a very important sermon on the subject "the trail of the serpent", but on December 18 he had the accident and on December 24 he was taken to glory. Beloved, it's not easy for me because I loved brother Branham, I believed brother Branham, I knew him for 10 years, we spoke by telephone, we drove in the same car, we were in the same meetings in Germany, in Dallas, Texas and also in Jeffersonville. And when I heard about his going to glory, it was very hard for me to understand. Then, of course, I was reminded on December 3, 1962, when brother Branham said: "Brother Frank, the food you are to put in store is the promised Word of God for this day and is kept in the messages which are being taped." And here are all the sermons that were sent to me, all the over thousand sermons were sent, I heard every sermon once and some I heard twice and then, of course, as I was told, I translated brother Branham's sermons into the German language.

So by the grace of God, from the very beginning since 1955 I had a direct connection to the ministry God had promised and ordained for our day. And then, as you know, the Lord called me with an audible voice giving me the commission to go from city to city to preach His Word and to give out the spiritual food. So I have done my part, I have personally visited 165 countries and many of them I visited a number of times. My whole life was spent in the service of the Lord and now we are serving directly 172 nations. All the believers all over the earth are connected to the true infallible Word message for this day and we are so grateful that God has opened the doors, has given me a number of languages so that His holy Word can be shared and especially in the English language.

But there is one point I'd like to mention. At the funeral of brother Branham on Easter April 1966 the expectation was that the prophet should rise, the singing "Only believe" was going on but he did not rise and you can imagine how I felt. But when I returned from the funeral, not a voice, but it spoke in my heart "Now your time has come to go from city to city, from continent to continent to preach the Word and to share the message of the hour." But here is one point I have to mention. In April 1966 not a single sermon was printed, only the tapes, not a single sermon was printed and God used brother Frank to call the brothers together in Jeffersonville asking them that the sermons which are taped must be printed and I just emphasized and said it must be done. And so with the group of all the brothers in Jeffersonville we decided that brother Borders would be responsible for the printing of the sermons. And by the grace of God I connected all brothers from all over the earth to the PO Box 325, Jeffersonville, USA. So God used me to connect all the brothers from the nations who believed the message I was bringing to write to Jeffersonville to receive the printed sermons. So God used me in a number of different ways so that the message given to the prophet would reach the ends of the earth.

And on February 1965 brother Branham not only made the statement about the message forerunning the second coming of Christ, but also ending with the statement "this message will forerun the second coming of Christ to the ends of the earth." When I read this statement I was somehow rejoicing that the Scripture and that statement is fulfilled, reaching the ends of the earth, not only the USA, but all nations right to the ends of the earth. And we believe that God has sent his prophet with a message of restoration and preparation so that the bride of Christ is called out, separated, washed in the blood, sanctified in the Word of God and finally be sealed by the Holy Spirit. There is only one Scripture I like to leave with you today and that is in Matthew 24, where our Lord speaks about His coming that will be as a lightning shines from the east to the west so His coming will be. Matthew 24 verse 27, speaking of the coming of the Lord and then in verse 28 we read about the gathering of God's people and our Lord used the word "carcass": "where the carcass is, the eagles will be gathered." Our Lord uses natural symbols to convey to us the spiritual meaning and we understand, by the grace of God. Then comes verse 29 speaking about the tribulation period. Beloved, this is in a precise divine order.

First the coming of the Lord, our gathering onto Him and then the tribulation period. But after the tribulation period, which is spoken of in verse 29, we read in verse 30 and this is so very, very important. Then there shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in the sky, in the heavens. Beloved, not before the rapture, not in 1963, but first the rapture, the coming of the Lord, our  gathering unto Him, then the tribulation and after the tribulation the sun will shine no more and the moon will not give its light anymore and then will appear the sign of the Son of Man and all the tribes of the earth will mourn. My God in heaven, please, give all the brothers who share your Word with your people at this time that they would have divine revelation and put all things into the divine plan of salvation and not confuse God's people any longer. This is God's time for God's people and by the grace of God, beloved brothers and sisters, there's never been a time when all the counsel of God was revealed in such a way. And if you go to the tribulation period when the sun will turn into darkness, beloved, you have to go to the sixth seal, you have to go to Revelation chapter 6 verse 12 to take Matthew 24 verse 29 to Revelation chapter 6 verse 12 to put things into the divine order and teach God's people accordingly.

I'm grateful to the Lord for the ministry of brother Branham. He was a prophet. I'm not the prophet but the Lord gave me the teaching ministry to share in detail the whole plan of salvation and by the grace of God we understand we are very, very near to the return of Christ, very near to the moment when the Lord shall come and the dead in Christ shall rise first and we who are alive shall be changed and together we shall be taken up to glory.

Beloved, let me finish with this statement. I, brother Frank, believe with all my heart that the message, the true Bible message, the true restoration message, which was given to His prophet William Branham, has reached the ends of the earth and all who are part of the Bride, who wait for the return of Christ, will believe the true message, not interpret, not explain, but believe the Word of God as it is written and have it divinely revealed and prepare for the return of Christ. We who now believe the promised Word for this day, we believe His promise in John 14: "I go to prepare the place then I will return and take you to be where I am." 

May the Lord God grant every one of you that grace to place everything the prophet said into the Word of God and let finally God say what we have to share with the people. If you take one statement from here, one from there, beloved, don't do this, take it back to the Word of God because William Branham was sent to take us back to God, to the Word and we are grateful for this.

May the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you is my prayer in Jesus' holy name. Amen.