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The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.37 / Ewald Frank

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Dear friends, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Brother Frank speaking to you from the Mission Center in Krefeld - Germany. We call this ministry: „Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry“ and we do address all the nations on earth. We wish to reach out so that no one will be without excuse at the Return of Christ.
We do believe in the true full Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ in the true sense of the Word. We do believe in the direct apostolic doctrine and practise - Not how things were taught and preached and handled hundred or two hundred or three hundred years later. To us the apostolic teachings are only in the book of Acts and in the epistles of the apostles. They are not found in any church book, in no catechism, not even in the small booklet: “The doctrine of the twelve apostles”. This book alone carries the seal of God. And if you go back to Acts chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit fell and the New Testament Church was born and filled by the Spirit, then the LORD had His way. And we do look back to a period of two thousand years when deviations and many doctrines have come up were introduced, like the doctrine of the trinity, the triune baptism, infant sprinkling, many many things were introduced into the church but the Church of Jesus Christ is different to the Roman State Church as it came up since the time of Constantine when the first council was held in Nicea 325. From that time actually the developments in the Roman Empire were such that right in the year 500 the clergy was already set, paid by the State and it continued in every way. Things were added, church teachings, dogmas were added and if you look to it very closely: All things have been interpreted, have been changed and finally we don’t find in the church of Rome a single doctrine which is 100 % in agreement with the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Scriptures does not know anything, at least not in the Church of Jesus Christ about Popes or Cardinals or about monasteries or priesthood clergy. The Church of the living God is the body of Christ, living members baptized with one Holy Spirit into one body, which is the body of Christ with different gifts and different ministries. Then if we look straight ways into I Corinthians chapter 12 we are told about the different ministries the LORD has placed into the Church. The same Spirit, same LORD, same God. And then it says in I Corinthians chapter 12 in verse 4:
Now there are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit. There are diversities of administrations but the same LORD and there are diversities of operations.”
Same LORD, same God, everything the same. And the apostle Paul brings it to the point: “ “One LORD, one faith, one baptism,” in Ephesians chapter 4 .(verse 5)
Now beloved here we continue to read (verse 7):
”The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit”, to profit the whole Church. Every God ordained ministry is given, so the whole body of Christ would be built up. You can read on and on. All the gifts and all the gifts of the Spirit and ministries, you find them recorded here even in verse 9:” to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the same Spirit” then the same spirit gifts: knowledge and wisdom. Not head knowledge, not head wisdom as we read in verse 8:
“ For to one it is given by the same Spirit the Word of knowledge. Here is not the gift but the Word of knowledge, to another the Word of wisdom.” So we have different gifts, different ministries but the same Spirit, the same LORD, the same GOD working all in all.
Then beloved, it behoves us to search God’s Word to know God’s plan and program for today. To be brought up to date in the kingdom of God. Beloved, there were promises and prophesies in reference to the first coming of our LORD and Saviour and when He came, His Own received Him not because the teachers of that day made people to believe their interpretations and not the actual promised Word of God. The promise was in Isaiah 40, verse 3: ”A voice would be crying in the wilderness preparing the way of the LORD.” In the same way we read it in Malachi chapter 3, verse 1:
“I will send my messenger before my face to prepare my way before me.” The teachers were continuing with their services, with their interpretations, with singing their Psalms with their Hallelujahs. At the same time when God made history on earth, when Bible prophecies were fulfilled, when the kingdom of God broke thru. At the same time people were teaching each other, giving their own interpretations from generation to generation. Beloved! Four thousand years have come and gone since the first promise was made and given in Genesis chapter 1 and also especially in Genesis 3 : 15 about the Seed of the woman to come which was Christ to bruise the serpent’s head to conquer Satan, death and hell to pay the price on the cross of Calvary to shed His blood to give His life, so that we are redeemed from the powers of Satan - that we are brought from darkness into light, from our own ways unto the ways of God. Beloved, if we don’t receive a promised God sent God ordained ministry we are bypassing what God is doing right now. It’s not enough to look back and say: They missed it two thousand years ago.” If we miss it today, their mistake will never justify our mistake. Beloved, I’m about to tell you that we are so close to the second coming of Christ promised in John chapter 14 in a very special way.
Beloved, now we must know God’s plan, God’s promised Word because the true children of God are children of the promise led by the promised Holy Spirit into the promised Word to understand what God is doing right now and having part in what God is doing now.

Beloved, I’m in the kingdom of God since 1949. God has given me a great privilege to participate in this last healing salvation revival. Already in the 50’s I met Brother William Branham and then all the other evangelists who became known all over the earth. Already in the 50’s and in the 60’s! Beloved, I’m about to tell you and I must do so, that God sent a messenger. It was William Branham whom He chose. I did not choose. HE is the One who chooses His own man, who commissions them. And beloved, as I mentioned, I met Brother Branham, I met all the other evangelists and not to criticise but the only man who could say day, time and year when the supernatural came down when the supernatural light was seen in his room and when the Angel of the LORD stood before him saying: ”I’m sent from the presence of Almighty God to give you your commission”. Beloved, I’m not here to present a man. I’m here to present to you the apostolic prophetic Bible teaching. Not only in the Old but in the New Testament we have the promise that God would sent a prophet before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. (Malachi 4 : 5) And therefore I have to tell you, perhaps nobody else will. But already in 1950 Gordon Lindsay in Dallas Texas / USA published the book: “William Branham – A man sent from God” He also published the photo with the supernatural light above Brother Branham’s head which was taken in January 1950 at the Houston Coliseum in the presence of over 8000 people.
Beloved, I’m only mentioning these things to let you know that God is already doing something and whatever God does is beyond our understanding and explanation. But it always is for the Church – it’s always for the benefit of those who believe God.
And beloved, we could now go into many scriptures but let me also tell you this: That William Branham was not only given a special commission. The LORD, the LORD confirmed the Word as never before since the time of Jesus Christ and the apostles. And then it came to pass that Brother Branham saw a supernatural cloud descending, seven supernatural beings were in that cloud. And “Science magazine” from April 1963 gave the photo of the supernatural cloud, which appeared where Brother Branham had gone to be with the LORD. And suddenly there were seven thunderclaps and the supernatural cloud appeared. And this man of God was told that the time to open the seven seals had come – that he should return to his home church in Jeffersonville. And then in March 1963 from the 17th to the 24th he spoke about the seals found in the book of Revelation.
Beloved, there is something more I need to tell you in reference to the day of the LORD. Now we are still in the day of salvation, in the time of grace of which the Old Testament prophets testified. Like for instance in Isaiah chapter 49 in verse 8 we read: “Thus says the LORD”, I love the “Thus says the LORD.” You don’t need my word and I don’t need your word but we all in these times, in these treacherous times need the “Thus says the LORD”. In this Word is the “Thus says the LORD”. I read again Isaiah chapter 49 verse 8:
“ Thus says the LORD, in the acceptable time have I heard thee and in the day of salvation have I helped thee”. Compare this with II Corinthians chapter 6, verse 2 where the apostle says: “This is the day of salvation, this is the acceptable time”. Then if you go to Isaiah chapter 13 the LORD speaks again thru the prophet. Isaiah chapter 13, verse 6: “Wail, for the day of the LORD is at hand. It shall come as a destruction from the Almighty”. And then we read the whole description what will take place when the day of the LORD, the day of wrath and fierce anger will be. verse 10:
“For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light. The sun shall be darkened at it’s going forth and the moon shall cause it’s light not to shine”. Then you can read and read throughout the Old Testament even in the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 30 we read. Jeremiah chapter 30, verse 7:
“Alas, for the day of the LORD, the great day is now come. None is like it. And it will be the time of Jacob’s trouble but he shall be saved out of it”.
Here we come closer to the point. It will be around the time of Jacobs’s trouble.
Beloved, the dear children of Israel had a hard time thru all of history but if you look into Word War II – six million were killed in every way. My beloved, we feel sorry for this and we wished it could have been avoided. Grandfathers and grandmothers, babies, children all were murdered and they were gassed. It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble but when the day of the LORD will come, then it’s actually too late. Now is the time. Let me read it to you from the prophet Joel. I’m so glad we have this information in God’s Holy Word. In the prophet Joel in the second chapter we read here very clearly about the day of the LORD, verse 31:
“The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes”.
Beloved, if you read Matthew 24, which therein the LORD deals about the direct end time – wars, rumours of wars – all these things which would come upon humanity. And then of course we see here in Matthew 24, verse 29 it says:
“Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall give it’s light no more”.
You can all continue to read. Here our LORD speaks about the coming forth or the fig tree – Israel returning, coming back to their homeland promised to Abraham by God Almighty. And the LORD says that after this tribulation the moon shall be darkened, the sun shall shine no more. And if you go to it in Acts chapter 2 we again have the apostle Peter stating the same Word from the prophet Joel. In Acts chapter 2 it’s verse 20:
“The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and notable day of the LORD comes.”
Beloved, now quickly to the promise in the prophet Malachi and please don’t tell me that this promise is not valid. Please, you have to speak to someone else. It says here in Malachi chapter 4 (verse 5):
“Behold I send you Eliah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD”.
This scripture, this promise does not refer to John the Baptist’s ministry who came in the Spirit and power of Eliah before the day of salvation begun. Now we are ending the day of salvation and the day of the LORD will come forth! And before this day comes – and it will have to be right at the end of the day of salvation, at the end of the time of grace when the calling out will be - when the true Gospel, the everlasting Gospel of our beloved LORD and Saviour will be preached to all nations. Our LORD confirmed this promise (Matthew 17 : 11): “Verily I say unto you Eliah must first come and restore all these things”.
My question is: Has God kept His Word? Is this promise fulfilled? And if yes, where and how? God watches over His Word and the time has come for all of God’s children to be taken out of their own programs, which sometimes last from morning till evening. So many programs have never been on earth. But let me finally tell you: I don’t wish to be part of my program or of anybody’s program. I wish to be part of God’s plan and program at this time. So God watched over His Word and He sent a prophetic ministry – not for you and I to bypass it – but to benefit from it and to return to the LORD and to His Word. And let all things be at the end as they were at the beginning. May God Bless You and be with you in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.