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Video Summary - April 2019 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany.

I count it a privilege to have this opportunity to share the precious Word of God with you worldwide. We look back to a tremendous weekend of special meetings, God's people gathered from 23 different nations, just a little over thousand people were gathered here in the Mission Center to hear the Word of God and then all the countries joined us online to hear the precious and holy Word of God.

Beloved, I want you to respect the Lord, His Word and also His decisions. If we look back, there was a man by the name of Abraham and suddenly the Lord appeared to him, spoke to him, gave him the promise. It was not Abraham searching for the Lord, it as the Lord God finding His servant and prophet Abraham. Then there was Moses and the Lord appeared to him in the burning bush. It was not Moses seeking the Lord to receive a commission or a ministry, he had no knowledge of what would take place. But then the day came when the Lord appeared to him and said: "I remember my promise and I heard the cry of my people. I am sending you."

We can go through all the Old Testament and then start with the New Testament also in a special way where the Lord called everyone individually to share the ministry and then we come to the Apostle Paul, who was Saul before, persecuting the true believers, but then the Lord appeared to him and gave him a divine commission.

If we jump into our time and, beloved, it's very important to recognize what God has done in our time. There was a date, June 11, 1933, when the supernatural cloud came down and William Branham received the divine commission to bring the message that will forerun the second coming of Christ. It was not William Branham searching the Lord, asking for a ministry, it was the Lord God appearing to him and giving him a direct commission to bring the last message before the return of Christ, which would go to the ends of the earth. And, beloved, if I say today, I did not ask God to call me, I didn't even think about it, but then there was the special day, Monday, April 2, 1962, the night was over, I went to the window, I looked out, the night was over, but the sun was not yet up and you know my testimony, when I, for the first time, heard the all-penetrating, commanding voice of the Lord: "My servant, your time for this city will soon be over, I will send you to other cities to preach my Word!" Beloved, I don't want to go into details, but, beloved, the time has come to respect God's decision.

This is God's time for God's people and, beloved, to mention one more experience. Even an experience, you don't search for it. It happens suddenly, you don't know about it, it just takes place and you remember my testimony when I first was asked about the seven thunders and I had no answer and had to say: "Beloved brothers, I wish you a good night." But the next morning it was 4:55 in the morning when the Lord said: "My servant, rise and read 2 Timothy chapter 4!" And if you read 2 Timothy chapter 4 starting with verse one going up to verse five: "I charge thee before God." It is a divine charge: "Preach the Word", not interpretations, not imaginations, not explanations, not statements, no, preach the Word of God!

And, beloved,  we also have to say that spiritual things must be revealed by the Holy Spirit and in 1 Corinthians chapter 2 from verse 14 the apostle Paul writes that natural man does not receive the things of the spirit. We must be in the same spirit as the prophets were, the apostles were, William Branham was. And, beloved, there is no one who shares the Word of God and esteems William Branham and his ministry as I do. I knew him for 10 years, but he was also a man, a human being, he made statements, for instance, "I will ride this trail once more..." or "I will have the tent because God showed me a vision." He made many statements. "I will go to Israel." He made the statement: "My ministry in Africa is not finished." He made a number of statements. I never once in my life preached on and about a statement. Not one time. Why should I? Because the divine commission was given: "Preach the Word!" Even if brother Branham mentions the seven thunders, I never preached one sermon on the seven thunders. Why? Because not a single word is written in God's holy Bible about the seven thunders. How can I preach if it's not in the Word of God? And people don't understand this. When brother Branham was at Sunset Mountain, you all know what happened when the supernatural cloud appeared and seven mighty thunders appeared, earthquakes shook the whole area, a storm and trees were cut and the stones were rolling down the mountains and then William Branham was commissioned to return to Jeffersonville for the opening of the seven seals. In the Seals book on March 24, 1963, brother Branham said, it's here on page 526: "A year ago the Lord showed me a vision to store up the food." Beloved, this is it, when the Lord in March 1962 gave a vision to William Branham that he must go where the Lord showed him to be and, beloved, then the food was to be stored in. William Branham had an evangelistic ministry through all the years and even the Lord said: "Do the work of an evangelist!" And brother Branham explains and says: "Not you are an evangelist but do the work of an evangelist until that time comes." 

So in March 1962 the Lord showed him the vision to store in the food. On April 1, 1962, William Branham for the first time said: "I cannot make the trip to Switzerland I must go back to Jeffersonville to store in the food."

What was it? In connection with the opening of the seven seals and on December 3, 1962, William Branham told me in the presence of the two witnesses, Fred Sothman and Banks Wood, "Store in the food, it's not natural food, it is the promised Word of God for this day and it's kept on the tapes and wait with giving out until the time comes."

Beloved, we cannot go into all these details but looking back to the many years that have come and gone since December 1965 when God's servant and prophet was taken to glory, beloved, from April 1966 my feet have taken this message to the ends of the earth. I traveled every month, always two weeks in the mission center and two weeks traveling personally to 165 countries. And now we are serving online all the earth, every country on earth we can reach and have reached through the Internet and through the means to give the Word of God in the different languages right to the elect on the whole continent. And here is the thing, beloved brothers and sisters. If you cannot respect a divine decision, a divine call, a God-given ministry in this time and I am not speaking of myself, I didn't call myself, I did not send myself, I've got nothing to do with the calling, it's God Himself who is responsible for the call and for the commission. So please understand – I can only preach what is written in the Word of God.

At the same time we hear about the many different doctrines everywhere and everybody is referring to the prophet and here is the greatest mistake. You must go back to the Word of God, not to a statement. If William Branham says "God created the world in 6000 years" he just meant to compare the time passed from Adam until now, but it remains what the Scripture says: "From evening to morning and it was one day." And on the seventh day God finished the work of His creation. And if William Branham says: "When God created the world, maybe it took eight hundred years until it happened", no, he just wanted to let the people know who came for prayer: "If God has not answered your prayer right now he will answer it, He will, and the time will come". He made statements to encourage the people, not for a doctrine but to encourage the people. I just hope, beloved, that you will understand I have a divine responsibility before God Almighty that no one else has at the present time on the face of the earth.

And, beloved, I tell you the truth. Even if we hear, and I am not criticizing, my heart is torn to pieces, but then if you hear how this, the key, is being sent out from Jeffersonville, and then here the emblem and, beloved, the pyramid is the oldest sign of the Trinity, the oldest sign of the Trinity. You can go into church history books here, here you see the pyramid, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The oldest sign of the Trinity. What do I have to do with this sign? Then the Freemasons took this sign and they must swear in the Trinity when they enter the lodge. And when the US dollar was printed this was put on the dollar note, on the one dollar note. What am I to do with it? Nothing at all. So I have to say these things. People are misled in the name of William Branham, but you can never be misled in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even now, the new Bible sent out from Jeffersonville. And here you have got this, in the new Bible being sent out all over the world. Imagine a new cult is being started. My God in heaven, who gives you a right to start a new religion?! My God in heaven, where have we come to?! Return to God, return to the Word, return to normal senses and give God the glory!

People are misled. I have to say these things because of my direct responsibility, the same responsibility William Branham had to bring us the Word message, I have the same responsibility before God to share the message of the Word of God, the original teachings of the holy Scriptures as he had to bring the message I have the responsibility to take the original message of God to the ends of the earth. And this I have done in all the past years and I'm grateful to Almighty God for opening the doors in all countries, whether Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, whatever the religion is, God has opened the doors in all countries because I never involved in politics and never in religion.

To finish what I have to say today, with a broken heart, with tears in my eyes, beloved, the time has come to return to God, to respect God's decision and have part in what God is doing right now. And I say this again: God does not start a new religion, we all know every denomination they have their prophets and they started their religion. William Branham preached for 15 years and he said “there's no denomination coming forth, we don't need another denomination, we don't need another headquarters, we need Jesus Christ in every local assembly and we need the brothers in every country to share the true Word of God, to share the spiritual food that William Branham stored in, and that's the revealed Word of God. "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes from the mouth of God." I'm so grateful for the Word of God, I am so grateful especially for the opening of the seven seals.

Beloved, as you know, the Lord Himself has given the commission, even those who change it, you will bear your consequences on that day. Brother Branham was told: "Not you, but the message given to you will forerun the second coming of Christ right to the ends of the earth." God took His prophet at the right time and from that time the message has reached the ends of the earth and if you look to Jerusalem and Israel, to the Near East, we understand that the time of the return of Christ is very, very near. "When you see all these things, look up for your redemption is drawing near." 

May God bless you, may you respect His Word, His decisions and whatever God does now. Please respect it and be blessed and prepared for the return of Christ in Jesus' holy name. Amen.