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Video Summary - May 2018 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary Video May 2018

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany.

As for so many years we have our meetings, our special meetings once a month, always at the first Sunday and Saturday. And also we give praise to God for the possibilities that people, brothers and sisters from all nations, from all over Europe can come and join us, and not only that but also worldwide, all can turn on their Internet and listen to what we have to say in the name of the Lord.

We do believe with all our hearts that the promised return of our Lord is very, very near. We look especially to Israel, the 70th jubilee, 70 years have come and gone and also there they are under a great expectation and we know precisely what the Word of God says, what the prophet Daniel says about the end-time, what the Book of Revelation says and we can go into the Word of God and by the grace of the Almighty, we know God has sent His servant and prophet William Branham in our time. And, beloved brothers and sisters, we do not only know about May 14 th , 1948, when the State of Israel was declared and the country became a reality, we also know about May 7 th  when the Angel of the Lord came to brother Branham already in 1946, saying "Fear not, I am sent from the presence of Almighty God to give you your commission."  And we all know precisely the wording.

Let me say this as a testimony, I hope you will understand but to me it is so important, so important to know the promised Word for today, to have part in the promised Word, in what God is presently doing. We cannot only refer to the time of Paul or to the time of Reformation, and to the revivals that followed. We cannot just say „In 1906 this happened…“ and „In 1946 this happened…“ We must know what God does today!

This is our time and, by the grace of God, I'd like to share the main thought that struck me already some days or a few weeks ago, about God revealing His secret plan to His servants, the prophets. How many times did brother Branham refer to Amos 3, verse 7: "God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants, the prophets."  The word "servant", please understand, means very, very much to me because the Lord Himself addressed me as His servant a number of times. I could give you precisely how many times, where and when and what the Lord said when He addressed me as His servant. And if you go to the apostle Paul in Romans 1, he presents himself as a servant. If you go to 1 st  Peter 1, he presents himself as a servant. If you go to James 1, he presents himself as a servant.

Servants of God preach not only the Gospel, servants of God receive the revelation of the plan of Salvation, of the promises which are being fulfilled, and, by the grace of God, I've had part in what God is doing on Earth since 1948. 70 years ago I dedicated my life to the Lord, in 1949 I heard for the first time about the ministry of brother Branham and if I look back to the many years, when all the tapes, when all the sermons the prophet preached were sent to me in Germany. I grew up spiritually under his ministry. And then, of course, when the Lord called me and said: "My servant, your time for this city will soon be over..." , you know my testimony. This ministry is not only to preach the Gospel, this ministry is to share the whole plan of Salvation to inform God's people about what is taking place now. And, please, understand, brother Branham preached the full Gospel, but to him all the mysteries of the plan of Salvation written in the Word of God were revealed. Just imagine how many claim to preach the Gospel. All the great evangelists, everybody claims to preach the Gospel, but William Branham preached the everlasting Gospel, he had a divine commission and he is and was a promised prophet: "I will send you Elijah the prophet to restore all things and to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the fathers to the children" , both, one was fulfilled in John the Baptist's ministry and the next one to turn the hearts of the children back to the apostolic fathers.

So, beloved, the message is not just talk, talk, talk... The message is connected to reality, to restoration, back to God, back to the Word, back to the beginning, back to the foundation, back to the same Gospel the apostles preached.

And, as I said many times, beloved, I will have to refer to it today again. The special commission brother Branham received on June 11 th , 1933, beloved, I want you to see this. I want you to see this once again [bro. Frank is showing the page]. From here to here is what brother Branham was told and what he gave as his testimony. And below, these four lines, these three and a half line are found in the Acts of the Prophet. This was sent to me from the USA. So this is what the prophet said and this is what somebody else said... And it is such a difference!

Beloved, I have to say this because people were misled from the very beginning after the departure of brother Branham. I will read to you what came from the lips of the Lord and then from the lips of William Branham:

" « As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message that is given you will be a forerunning of the second coming of Christ. »   Not that I would be a forerunner, but the message was to be the forerunner."

This is Thus saith the Lord! What about the other statement:

"As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you are sent to forerun the second coming."

Yes... and all the people believe what somebody wrote in his book and proclaimed all over the earth. But I believe what came from the supernatural cloud, I believe what the prophet himself said that not he, but the message God gave to him, the message of the Word of God, the true and divine revelation of the whole plan of God, all the teachings about what happened in the Garden of Eden, about the Godhead, about water baptism, about the Lord's supper, everything, everything was taught and preached to us and to be honest, beloved, after the opening of the Seals, brother Branham did not preach in another country anymore. He did not preach in one single country except in the USA after the opening of the Seven Seals. But after William Branham was taken to glory, my feet have taken me, according to the divine commission, to the ends of the earth.

And now we are sharing the message of the hour with believers in 172 countries. By the grace of God, I just travelled and travelled from country to country because of the divine commission. And, brothers and sisters, if you have the impression that brother Frank testifies of himself, I want you to tell me: Did I speak to brother Frank on April 2 nd ? Did I talk to me "My servant..." ? Or did I hear the tremendous, all-penetrating, all-commanding voice of the Lord God with these ears? "My servant, your time for this city will soon be over, I will send you to other cities to preach my Word."  You know my testimony. This has become true and we look back to all the years after the prophet was taken to glory. I immediately started this ministry because of the divine commission and, beloved brothers and sisters, all who are of God will not believe a man's interpretation. All who are born of God have the Spirit of God and they will believe what was said from the supernatural cloud and what the prophet himself repeated many times.

Let me close and say this: This is the most important time for the New-Testament Church, for the Bride, for Israel. Daily we can say: Today this Scripture, this Scripture, this Scripture is fulfilled before our very eyes.

And in Matthew chapter 12, in closing, let me share with you that our Lord and Saviour became the servant. Here in Matthew chapter 12, verse 17:

"That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying, Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall show justice to the nations."

This goes back to the prophet Isaiah, the promise about our Lord that He would not only come for Israel, but as a servant He served the purpose, He brought us salvation. Through His ministry, His life, His sufferings, the whole plan of God became a reality. And, beloved, so it is today. Our Lord called the prophets, His servants, and then our Lord Himself became a servant to do the will of God here on Earth. And then in the New Testament, the apostles, the servants, declaring the whole counsel of God and then in Revelation chapter 1 "to show to His servants the things that are going to come."

Beloved, God has a plan of Salvation and we are part of that plan right now. And I believe that the return of our Lord is very, very near. So, beloved, to all of you, on all the continents all over the earth, we share the true Word of God and we tell everybody: God did not go to sleep on December 24 th , 1965. No, no! God made a new beginning after the burial of the prophet the message has taken its course to all the nations.

And, beloved, the Lord opened the doors and praise, glory be to Him. He is calling out His people, at the present time millions all over the Earth are connected to this ministry and they are preparing for the return of the Lord.

May the grace of God rest upon you, may you respect the Word of God, may you respect the divine call, respect what was said from the supernatural cloud, respect what the prophet said and reject everything somebody else has said. If you don't do it, you will regret.

May God bless you to make the right decision right now. God bless you and be with you in Jesus' holy name. Amen.